Why Flucon Engineering Flow

FLUCON  delivers distinguished turnkey solutions, specialized for the following segments:

  • District Cooling Plants – DCP’s.

  • Energy Transfer Stations – ETS’s.

  • Condenser Cooling Towers Plants.

  • Boiler Plants.

  • Pumping Stations.

Fluids Control Engineering Services FLUCON

FLUCON  supports clients through:

  • Business Assessment: Analysing the client’s requirements & demands, improving the existed systems, and evaluating the solutions after integration.

  • Engineering Services: Design, Calculations, 3-D Modeling, Hydraulic Simulation & Pipe Supports Stress Analysis.

  • Electro-Mechanical Contracting Specialized for Industrial Scale.

  • Onsite Services:

    • Hydro-testing

    • Flushing & Chemical Treatment

    • Balancing

    • Shutting down Planning and Execution

  • Supply Equipment:
    • Cooling Towers

    • Heat Exchangers

    • Industrial Water Heaters Tanks & Calorifiers Tanks

    • Thermal Storage Tanks & Buffer Tanks

    • Expansion Tanks

    • Air & Dirt Separators

    • Water Filtration System

Fluids Control Engineering Services FLUCON


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