FLUCON Provides comprehensive and complete solutions for the flushing and chemical treatment works required for chilled and hot water systems.

The flushing and chemical treatment task is considered as pre-commissioning step, to clean and treat the constructed pipelines before operation.

Also, it can be applied after plant operation for running plants if the system was not cleaned and treated well after construction work.


Why are Flushing and Chemical Treatment is Required?

The purposes of flushing and chemical treatment are:

  • Removing all particles which accumulated inside the pipelines during construction works such as steel fabrication particles, welding rods particles, sand, …etc.
  • Treating the pipeline inner surface by removing the existing corrosion / scale, and to keep pipelines inner surface corrosion free during operation.

Dynamic flushing is necessary to remove and filtrate the system from the debris and dirts.

Chemical treatment is required to remove corrosion / scale and to keep the system corrosion free.

Accumulated dirts inside the networks, and generating continuous corrosion will effectively harm your system!

All system component will be defected due to circulate water with high velocity carrying the solid particles during operation, which cause continuous hitting and then defecting the inner surface of system components.

And even if there is no actual defect on the system, there will be a big chance to lose your system efficiency!

Main component which may defected:

  • Chillers: evaporator and condenser copper tubes will be clogged, defected and causing major leaks.
  • Primary & Secondary Pumps: defects on pump impeller and internal pump case surface, which will increase the cavitation and decrease the pump efficiency.
  • Heat Exchangers: clogging in heat exchanger plates or tubes.
  • AHUs & FCUs: copper tubes will be clogged, defected and cause major leaks.
  • Valves: rubber lining inside the valve will be defected and cause leaks.


Why is FLUCON is your best partner to do the Flushing Works?

Most of clients and service providers concentrate on the chemical treatment part, which leads to use proper chemicals to remove the corrosion or scale from system.

We are in FLUCON, considering the chemical treatment is the second easiest part.

Dynamic flushing and filtration process is the first essential part, which needs a specialized partner to study the network and propose the comprehensive solution.



FLUCON team starts the job by:

  • Studying network, to divide it into several loops depending on the system volume and its system circuits.
  • Generating hydraulic reports for the assigned loops.
  • Sizing the required flushing pumps and filtration system.
  • Assigning the areas which need bypasses to protect the system equipment.
  • Studying the metallurgy of system component.
  • Selecting the suitable chemicals.
  • Determining the scope requirements onsite to do the job, such as:
    • Volume of water: usually multi times of system water volume is required due to feed and bleed flushing process.
    • Availability of drainage system.
    • Location of flushing and filtration skids.
    • Availability of fresh water storage tanks.
  • Generating method statement before starting the work.


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