ETS will enhance the performance of DCP and will protect the chillers loop by providing two different circuits. Designing a proper control for ETS will enhance the system efficiency and transfer the required energy.

By installing a flow control valve (temperature controlled), the flow through ETS can be controlled based on the return line temperature going to the plant or the return temperature at the secondary side coming from the served building.

Installing differential pressure transmitter across the chilled water supply and return line of ETS will help to control the flow of

secondary pumps installed in the district cooling plant. In case of having many ETS rooms for one centralized DCP, the secondary pumps will be controlled based on the lowest ETS DP.


Such synchronization between ETS’s and DCP will guarantee the heat transfer efficiency and DCP performance.

Many service providers ask request to measure the heat transfer value for different purposes. FLUCON can provide a full PLC solution with BTU meter and flow measuring devices to calculate and report the actual heat transfer to main DCP.

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