A cooling tower is an effective solution to remove the unwanted heat from system to atmosphere.

Cooling towers may use either water evaporation to remove process heat and cool the working fluid near the wet-bulb air temperature, or in the case of closed-circuit dry cooling towers,it only relys on the air to cool the working fluid to be near the dry air temperature.

There are common applications for cooling the circulating water; such as district cooling plants, and the process water in industrial facilities.

The cooling tower circuit mainly consists of the cooling tower structure, circulating pumps and filtration system to enhance the performance of the cooling tower.

The main factors which leads for the optimum design of cooling towers plants are:

  1. Understanding the facility cooling loads.
  2. Wet bulb temperature.
  3. Foot print of cooling tower structure.
  4. Availability of makeup water source for open type cooling towers.
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